Thursday, March 14, 2013

Affirmations for Spiritual Safety and Keeping a Strong Connection with God

1. I know that false appearances are everywhere. I need God's Light to penetrate false appearances, see reality, and act positively. I will keep the lens of my heart smudge-free to receive all the Light of God that I can receive. I don't want to block or reject any of it, wittingly or unwittingly. I don't want smudges on my heart's lens to block God's Light and invite darkness. Therefore, I will not think or say anything about God, except what I personally and clearly understand from a reliable source. I know that every false thought or statement about God is a smudge on my heart's lens that blocks the Light and invites darkness. To be on the safe side, I will just accept that I cannot really have any concrete idea about what God is, except that God is nurturing, perfect, good, fair, etc. This means that I trust God with blind trust, and this is safe and okay, I really have no choice in the matter.

2. I will not trust anybody else blindly. I need to check on everybody else's intentions before I trust them: They need to prove their intentions, show that what they suggest is good, correct, and useful, etc. I know that everybody except God can be sometimes open to darkness. I don't grant anybody other than God absolute power over you. I don't have false gods.

3. If I hurt someone in the slightest way, then I will regret it as soon as possible, and I will start repairing the damage immediately. At the time of doing harm, I am open to darkness. I will make such moments as short as possible.

4. I will never fail to act against, speak against, or at least feel against any injustice (wrong done or duty missed) and also against all those who are being unjust, even if they are my elders or loved ones. When I am aware of injustice, then I am open to darkness until I take a stand. I will stay informed and take a stand. It won't shield me to stick my head in the sand, or to plug my ears, or to be lazy at finding out what is happening to others, and to me! I will not be partisan.
There are priorities and exceptions for 3 and 4. For example: If I choose the lesser harm of two choices (when there is no third choice), then I am still shielded from darkness.

5. I will avoid arrogance, ego and even simple pride. I know that all that is the very character of darkness, and therefore, it invites darkness.

6. I will avoid denial, defensiveness, and dishonesty. I know that all that is also the very character of darkness, and therefore, it invites darkness. I will admit everything to myself. 

Note: (6) is a consequence of (5).

7. I will never feel the least discomfort with anything God says or does, because it is all Light, and if I am not comfortable with any aspect of Light, then I will automatically be comfortable with darkness. I will accept what has happened and what must happen. I know that my wrong attitude can open me to darkness. Instead of doubting what God says or does, I will doubt my own understanding of it and seek clarification through prayer and contemplation.

8. I will not feel safe from the consequences of harmful things that I think, do, or say. I will hope for forgiveness and the best outcome (Heaven), but I will remain conscious of the worst possible consequence of my wrong actions (Purgatory or Hell). I will not have the least rejecting attitude toward the law of reward and punishment. I know that my wrong attitude on this law can open me to darkness.

9. I give all credit for positive AND negative things to God alone. I never doubt for a moment that God has complete control over everything at all times. I know that God is the one who lets all things happen, positive or negative. I know that the end effect of God's work is always positive.

I will never think that darkness has any real power, because that thinking would open me to darkness. I will never forget that even darkness cannot do anything without the permission of God. 

I will never attribute events, success or failure to people's efforts or mine, or the lack thereof.

I know that even my own will and my own efforts do not happen except as God wishes them to happen. I know that from God's point of view, I have no free will.  I know that no one and nothing really escapes God's will. I also know that from my point of view, I have free will, and I am accountable before God. I don't question how God does that.

10. I will not trust or open my heart and soul to family or friends who violate any of the above affirmations. I need to have a screen of caution between me and them. I know that at times of violations, these people are open to darkness, and that I will also be open to darkness if I have an unconditional bond with them. I know that there is an open energy channel between me and those to whom I open my heart and soul, and that both Light and darkness can flow through this channel. I will carefully choose who I hang out with! I know that even being physically close to a person who is open to darkness will expose me to darkness.

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