Wednesday, January 2, 2013


solomon prayed to God
to give him such power
that no one shall ever have

God said to solomon
if you can fulfill
the meanings of the sounds
of your name, SLM
then you shall have your request

SLM means "hand over"
can you hand over
all your affairs to Me?
can you abandon all desire
to have control
over others and yourself?
can you surrender completely to Me?

SLM means a "ladder"
would you allow me
to lift you or lower you
to any height or depth that I wish?

SLM means "unshared service"
do you pledge to serve me
and serve no one else
not even yourself?

SLM means "self restraint"
will you restrain yourself
from harming your soul?
will you leave all creatures
unharmed and in peace?

SLM also means "wholeness"
can you devote yourself
to wholeness and health
for yourself and the world?

when solomon fulfilled
the meanings of his name, SLM,
God gave him the power
to understand and to control
all creatures and all forces of nature

and solomon, true to his promise,
only used this power
according to the meanings
of his name, SLM

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